IP camera I21AG Sannce Wi-Fi 720P

IP camera I21AG boasts with lots of amazing features like 720p HD video, two-way audio, quick and easy setup, p2p, remote access, mobile push & email alert, viewing angle of 60 degree, night vision, support up to 64GB TF card and more.

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Data sheet

Product typeIP Camera
Product modelI21AG
Resolution720P (HD)
Used atSurveillance
Supply voltage (V ac) 110-240
Product weight (kg)0,25
Package weight (kg)0,8
Product Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height - cm)8,9 x 9,5 x 11,4
Package Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height - cm)15 x 15 x 12
Remote controlNo
Video codecsH.264
Warranty period (months)24
Warranty from release (years)5
Release date01.12.2016
Angle of view60
Photo resolution1280*720 / 640*360 / 320*180
Compatible operating systemsWindows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 8, Windows XP
Power supply5V
Audio IntercomYes
Alarm ActionFTP Photo, Email Photo
PTZ controlOnly Pan / Tilt
Power consumption (W)6
Support Memory CardYes
Has a batteryNo
Wireless TypeWi-Fi 802.11/b/g
Lens (mm)3,6
Supported Mobile SystemsiPhone OS / Android
Special FeaturesVandal-proof
Sensor BrandSONY
IR Distance (m)15
Minimum Illumination (Lux)0,01
Has Wall BracketYes

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IP camera I21AG

IP camera I21AG boasts with lots of amazing features like 720p HD video, two-way audio, quick and easy setup, p2p, remote access, mobile push & email alert, viewing angle of 60 degree, night vision, support up to 64GB TF card and more.


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IP camera I21AG Description

IP camera I21AG boasts with lots of amazing features like 720p HD video, two-way audio, quick and easy setup, p2p, remote access, mobile push & email alert, viewing angle of 60 degree, night vision, support up to 64GB TF card and more.

What is included?

In the package you'll find the IP camera I21AG and the essential accessories needed to get it installed like the power adapter, screws, USB cable, mounting base and user manual.

What is included in IP camera I21AG Sannce Wi-Fi 720P 001

What is included in IP camera I21AG Sannce Wi-Fi 720P 002

  1. 1 x Camera

  2. 1 x User’s Manual for camera

  3. 1 x Mounting Base

  4. 1 x Mounting screws bag

  5. 1 x USB cable Type A to micro USB

  6. 1 x Power adapter

Now let's take a look at the IP camera I21AG. On top of the camera you can see a TF card (SD card) slot and the reset button.

Support Up to 64GB TF Card Storage

The TF card slot allows you to insert a 64GB TF card, which means you can save images and videos for later viewing, meanwhile the large memory allow you to record everything you wanted without missing one moment. Note that the TF card is not included.

SD Card Storage IP camera I21AG Sannce Wi-Fi 720P

720p HD lens and the mic.

Description IP camera I21AG Sannce Wi-Fi 720P

On the back of IP camera I21AG you'll find the speaker and the USB power in port.

On the back of IP camera I21AG 1

On the back of IP camera I21AG

Main features of IP camera I21AG:

  • 720P HD Video resolution

  • P2P - Peer to Peer technology that allow camera communicates with other network devices without complicated network settings

  • Quick & Easy Setup

  • Two-Way Audio

  • Mobile Push & Email Alert

  • Viewing Angle of 60 degree

  • Night Vision

  • Support up to 64GB TF card

Support up to 64GB TF card IP camera I21AG Support up to 64GB TF card IP camera I21AG 2

Your World in 720P HD

See everything in beautiful color and super clarity with this IP camera I21AG. It helps you keep close eye on your lovely children and pets. All captured by this camera will be presented to you via fluent and stunning videos.

IP camera I21AG Your World in 720P HD

Smooth Pan and Tilt Monitoring

Camera head are rotatable with 350 degree pan and 90 degree tilt. You can control it via the app and get a sweeping view on every cm of your entire house. No details will ever make them pass even if they tried.

IP camera I21AG Smooth Pan and Tilt Monitoring

Clear Two-Way Audio

When surveillance videos can't satisfy you, we provide you real-time two-way audio. Camera is built with microphone and speaker. So you can talk to your kids via your smartphone remotely whenever you want.

IP camera I21AG Clear Two-Way Audio

Real Plug and Play

This smart IP camera I21AG is designed with easy setup feature for do-it-yourself installation. By supporting one-touch Wi-Fi connection function, not a single Ethernet cable is needed in the whole network connection process.

IP camera I21AG Real Plug and Play

P2P Remote Access

Thanks to the convenient P2P technology, now you can view the live footage whenever you want to, just log in the P2P account on the app via your smartphone or tablet and start monitoring your house in no time.

IP camera I21AG P2P Remote Access

IP camera I21AG Detail

IP camera I21AG Detail

View online, anywhere is possible.

IP camera I21AG View online, anywhere is possible

Motion-Activated Email Alarm

In attempt to make you stay alarmed of all unexpected movements in your house. Motion detection works perfectly with email alert function making sure you are always the first one to get informed when things happen.

IP camera I21AG Motion-Activated Email Alarm

Day and Night Monitoring

Equipped with high performance infrared LEDs, this camera provides you clear night vision. And with smart IR-Cut filter, day and night vision becomes crisp and vivid. Stay confident that you'll always have a reliable eye spy.

IP camera I21AG Day and Night Monitoring

H.264 Compression &Dual-Stream Design

By adopting the advanced H.264 video compression, the bandwidth efficiency and transmission speed are greatly increased. While dual-stream separates local recording from remote viewing to eliminate interference between them.

IP camera I21AG H.264 Compression

Settings Menu

IP camera I21AG Settings Menu

Devices information

Wi-Fi Setting

User Setting

Time Setting

Alarm Setting

FTP Setting

Mail Setting

SD Setting

ONVIF Setting

DDNS Setting

Alias Setting

Voice language setting

Led Setting

User Manual

1. Download and Install the App

To get remote access on your mobile devices you need to install the free viewing app on App Store or Google Play. You can:

  • Search “Sannce cam” on Google Play to download and install it on your phone.

  • Make sure your mobile devices are connected to the network properly (Wi-Fi);

  • Scan the QR-Code on the package or logging in www.sanncegroup.com or access this link.

  • Depending on your operating system scan the appropriate QR code.

2. Connect the IP camera I21AG – Method 1

a. Install the Wi-Fi antenna. Twist the antenna tightly and point it upwards; (For built-in antenna devices or integrated devices, please skip these steps);
b. Plug in the power adapter of the IP camera. To set up the camera first you have to get it powered plug one end of the USB cable to the coming power adapter, and the other end goes to the USB port on the back of the camera and then plug the power adapter in any socket.

When it is powered the IP camera I21AG head will spin horizontally and then vertically for self-checking. In the meantime the voice prompts: “Welcome. To use please connect”. If you don't hear the voice please long press the reset button for five seconds to restore to factory settings. After hearing “Successful reset” the camera will restart the self-checking process. Wait a few seconds until the self-checking is done.
c. Connect the router (Working Frequency: 2.4GHz, make sure DHCP of the router is on). Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the router and the other end into the Ethernet port of the IP camera, please wait for about one minute while the cameras is connecting to the router automatically (For devices without Ethernet port, please skip these steps).

Step 1 : Once done open the app and click on add device to add the IP camera to it

Input the values from the label positioned on the back of the IP camera I21AG or simply press on “Scanning device QR code” and scan the code from the same label.

Step 2 : Select wireless configuration Wi-Fi

Step 3 : Click on camera, and then click on next.

Step 4 : Check on the Wi-Fi name and input password.

Note the Wi-Fi frequency should be 2.4 GHz then click on “Start Configuration”.

Step 5 : Move your phone closer to the camera then a voice will prompt “Connecting start”.

Step 6 : Wait 60 seconds while it is configuring. Once done it will prompt “Connecting successful”. If the camera and your phone are still not connected successfully please reset your camera and follow the steps again.

Step 7 : Now the camera you just added will be presented on the screen. Click on the camera and click on done to save its ID. When the camera is successfully configured for the first time you can see a red exclamation point symbol on the screen which reminds you to change the default username and password.

We recommend you to change it for the sake of protecting your privacy.

3. Connect the IP Camera – Method 2 – AP (Hotspot) connection

Note: Method 1 and 2 are two different Wi-Fi configuration methods, we recommend you to try method 1 in first place, and if it doesn’t work then try method 2. Method 2 only applies to certain models.

Step 1 : Open phone settings, select the WLAN settings, search the Wi-Fi camera ID prefixes are: XLT-, XWL-, HSL- etc.

Step 2 : Click on ID, password: 0123456789, finish WLAN connection;

Step 3 : Start the App “Sannce Cam”, click on “Add Device”;

Step 4 : Click on “Search device in Lan”;

Step 5 : Click on search the device ID;

Step 6 : Click on the upper right “Done”, the default password is blank;

Step 7 : The device shows online, please click on settings button;

Step 8 : Click on “Wi-Fi Setting”;

Step 9 : Click on “Wi-Fi Manager”;

Step 10 : When you get the SSID (2.4GHz) of the wireless router, choose it and input the password and click on “Done” on the top right. And the cameras will reboot (You can hear a “click” sound) and connect to the Wi-Fi network automatically;

4. View the footage (On browser, PC, or mobile devices, here we’ll take smartphone as an example)

Note : For PT cameras, you can pan and tilt the camera by sliding on the screen of your phone.

  1. View from web (IE browser): Input the IP address of the camera in the address bar, and double click to view live video. (Please install the plug-in before the first use);

  2. View from PC: Install the PC client software, add device (use camera ID or IP address) and start live viewing.

Note : When you’re viewing the footage on computer, web, Android devices, iPhone or iPad for the first time, please install the corresponding software in advance.

Additional files

You can download and install “Smart Home Product Management Platform” in order to access and manage all your cameras from your PC with Windows.

IP camera I21AG Smart Home Product Management Platform

From the following link you can also download the tool necessary to search and find the devices in your LAN network.

Windows exe files

Now you can watch the live video. Click on the camera you added to view real-time footage and on the bottom right corner of the live monitoring interface you can see the three dot icon. Click on it to show the Edit icons on both the top and bottom of the screen. Here you can adjust the video resolution. The video resolution is HD by default. Slide your finger on the screen to control the movements of the camera in right, left, up and down directions.

There are also settings that can be done like two-way audio, video brightness and so on.

This is all about the Wi-Fi configuration of the I21AG camera. Now get it hooked up on your own and enjoy the stunning live footage in minutes

Cannot Connect To WIFI

1. Please make sure the WIFI Password is correct.
2. Please make sure the router signal is stable (place IP Camera close to your router for first connection is Recommended).The Camera will not work on a 5Ghz wireless standard at this time. If you have a dual-band router, be sure to segregate your wireless channels and connect the Camera to the 2.4Ghz channel.


Check the IP Camera: please make sure the IP Camera send Waiting for connection message after the plug. If not, we need to reset the Camera.

Why Reset

Reset is used to boost the IP Camera system, which become more efficient to accept the unknown router and connect it.
Reset will erase all user settings including WIFI information, access password, alarm information, arming zones information.

The Steps

Find the reset hole at the top of the device, and then use needle to insert it, press it more than five seconds after hearing "di" sound, when hearing “Reset to default setting” sound, reset successfully.

After the reset

User can start to connect it by WIFI.

Pictures taken in low light room

IP camera I21AG low light room

Note: For the third-party plug-in is restricted by browsers like Edge, Chrome and Firefox you can only view the main-stream video (1280*720) on IE and sub-stream video (640*320) on Chrome and Firefox. Edge browser is not available.

Please note that the components shown in the pictures are just for your reference.

If you have any problems about this cameras, you can contact us freely!


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IP camera I21AG Sannce Wi-Fi 720P

IP camera I21AG Sannce Wi-Fi 720P

IP camera I21AG boasts with lots of amazing features like 720p HD video, two-way audio, quick and easy setup, p2p, remote access, mobile push & email alert, viewing angle of 60 degree, night vision, support up to 64GB TF card and more.

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